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If you don’t own a NewMotion charge card or charge point and would like to know more, please visit NewMotion website.
Register Home phone Company Mobile phone Username +31 123456789 E-mail address Choose password Confirm password First name Last name For the attention of Address username 5 characters minimum City Postal code Country The Netherlands Belgium Bulgaria Germany France Austria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Monaco Norway Poland Portugal Romania San Marino Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Language Other Phone Gender Salutation Please select male female Date of birth dd/mm/yyyy I agree with the general terms and conditions Charge card Card number Car make & model The charge card number you are trying to register is unknown to us. Please make sure you have entered a correct number or try to use the card on your charge point and try again. The charge point serial number you are trying to register is unknown to us. Registration successful! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: or call 088-0109500 (option 1 - service). If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: or call 088-0109500 (option 1 - service). Go to login page Welcome to On you can find charge points, configure your charge-points and -cards and see your usage. Please choose your own password and agree with our general terms and conditions.
After that you can start using immediately.
Your current password New password Confirm new password 5 characters minimum 5 characters minimum Change Cancel User details Username Change E-mail Change password I agree with the You have accepted the general terms and conditions Name and address details Given name Family name Your email address was updated successfully. This link for updating your email has expired or does not exist, please go to your profile page and try to update your email address again. Unable to update your email address, please contact customer care at Register business address Address Postal code City Country Netherlands Belgium Germany Language Contact details E-mail address Phone Car Make & model Business address Street name Number Addition Subscribe to newsletter Want to stay on top of all news concerning EV driving and NewMotion? Please subscribe to our newsletter here Bank account Configuration IBAN Account holder Account description Direct debit e.g. Sven's private account Account type IBAN Name account holder City Country Accept Payment bank accounts Add account Refund bank accounts These accounts can be used to reimburse you for guest use (if applicable) and automatic reimbursement if your employer pays for your charging at home. Are you sure you want to delete this account? This bank account cannot be deleted, because it is used for payment and/or reimbursement. Please check your charge cards and charge points preferences Add bank account Update bank account Withdraw This mandate can't be withdrawn because it is in use for: SEPA direct debit mandate is migrated This payment account is confirmed for SEPA direct debit payments with number Billing address Use existing Create new Billing e-mail Add bank account with pre authorised direct debit By accepting this form, you authorise The New Motion B.V. (SEPA Creditor ID: NL83ZZZ411565901234) to send recurrent collection instructions to your bank to debit your account and you authorise your bank to debit your account on a recurrent basis in accordance with the instuctions from The New Motion B.V.. As part of your rights, you are entitled to a refund from your bank under the terms and conditions of your agreement with your bank. A refund must be claimed within 8 weeks starting from the date on which your account was debited. Your rights are explained in a statement that you can obtain from your bank. I agree to pre authorised direct debit Direct debit Direct debit Card provider I agree with pre-authorized debit Enable for public charging Charge card number Check card number Add Charge Card For example: private charge card Mr. Smith Are you sure you want to delete charge card? This charge card is in use and can't be removed Add Charge Card Add e.g. Without a payment method this card can only be used on your own charge points Payment account None Payment method Terms & Conditions You have agreed to pre-authorized debit Only NewMotion charge cards and combicards from Travelcard, MTC and XXimo are supported to add as a free charge card or automatic reimbursed card. Cannot remove payment details It is not possible to remove payment details from a card that is used as automatic reimbursement card This charge card is already connected to another user. It is not possible to add it twice. No charge cards found. Payment account for charge card usage Via mobility pass Notifications NewMotion notifications will keep you informed of important updates by text message. For example you will receive a text message when your car is fully charged or your charging cable has been removed from the car. Notifications are temporary free of charge! Receive notifications for this charge card I agree with direct debit for my notification subscription (starting June 2014) I agree with direct debit for my charge card usage Mobile phone number Which notifications do you want to receive Notifications are currently only available on selected charge points and charge cards (NewMotion charge card in combination with a charge point) from NewMotion 06 12345678 Request confirmation code Enter confirmation code Requesting... Type a phone number first One moment please. Code sent to: It's not possible to request confirmation code Phone is confirmed Too many confirmation attempts Request confirmation code first It's not possible to submit confirmation code Confirmation code doesn't match Confirmed phone number required Battery is full You will receive a notification when the battery of your car is fully charged Charge point faulted You will receive a notification when the charge point is malfunctioning. Share my charge point Publish my charge point Select your card Select bank account Serial number Name I want to be reimbursed for the electricity costs on this charge point Automatic reimbursement Refund account to be used: I understand that I will only get reimbursed for my actual electricity costs and therefore declare that I have specified these correctly. Guest use Free Paid Add Done Add Charge Point For example: chargepoint Stanley Road Are you sure you want to delete this charge point? Add Charge Point Configuration €/kWh incl. VAT Or other card number Refund account Public sharing Publish on map Your electricity tariff Automatic reimbursement Installation Address own cards other cards Only NewMotion charge cards and combicards from MTC, XXimo and Travelcard are supported to add as a free charge card or automatic reimbursed card. Automatic reimbursement is only available for card with payment details The charge card is blocked Automatic reimbursement is not possible with lolo smart cards, you can use a New Motion card for this. A lolo smart card can only be used on charge points you own Card without payment details can not be used as reimbursement Subscription Plus Save Edit charge point Important information about Plug & Charge Plug & Charge enables you to start a charge session without the use of a charge card, solely by plugging in your charge cable. In order to use Plug & Charge you need to select a charge card that, from then on, will be used to register the charge sessions started on your charge point. We advise you to only use this function if you can control the access to your charge point. Are you sure you want to set up Plug & Charge? Please select a Plug & Charge card. Please select the correct reimbursement option for your Plug & Charge card. Start/stop charge sessions: Swiping your charge card Plug & Charge Plug & Charge enables you to start a charge session without the use of a charge card, solely by plugging in your charge cable. Reimbursement No reimbursement Change charge card reimbursement settings By setting this card to no-reimbursement you will not be reimbursed for the charging sessions done with this card on your charge point. In order to set up reimbursement you should probably use your MultiTankCard, TravelCard or Xximo card. Please contact our customer care for more information by calling 0880109500. Please choose reimbursement (if you have a MultiTankCard, TravelCard or Xximo charge card) or no reimbursement (for the NewMotion charge card). Ok The Plus subscription allows you to benefit from all the advantages your intelligent charge point has to offer, such as
  • automatic reimbursement of your electricity costs by your employer or lease company
  • online access to your charge point’s charging activities
  • the option to open up or hide your charge point for public use
Charge point subscription Please select a payment method for this subscription I confirm to have entered the correct tariff information No charge points found. Select the bank account to be reimbursed. Bank accounts can be created in the ‘bank accounts’ page. Are you a lease car driver? Yes No In that case, you must add your MultiTankcard, Travelcard or Xximo charge card. If you did not receive it yet, please contact your lease company. Ok Authorize charge card Your configuration has been saved. An error has occured in saving your new configuration. Please try again. Authorized cards Save configuration Get your charge card Plug your charge card Swipe your charge card Store your charge card Automatic start & stop Charge card management Please select a reimbursement mode Default charge card Charge card configuration Select a charge card from the list In 'Charge card access' you can enable access of specific charge cards as well as manage their reimbursement configurations and our newest Plug & Charge functionality. Click 'Configure card access' to continue. Charge card access Configure charge card access In order to proceed, please confirm the changes you made by clicking on the save-button on the right bottom of the page first. Re-enter the charge point configuration-page to access the charge card management tool. Request end of Plus subscription Plus subscription Are you sure you want to request the cancellation of your 'Plus' subscription? Information regarding the Plus subscription Are you a lease driver? A Plus subscription has probably been included in your lease contract. Please contact us to connect the subscription to your chargepoint by calling 088 01 09 500, or send an e-mail to Yes No Ok Add Charge Point Add Charge Card Add Bank Account Please let us know why you want to cancel your subscription by leaving your comments below This charge point is already connected to another user. It is impossible to connect a charge point to multiple accounts. This charge point is not yet activated Charge point location Charge point location is required Charge point name Edit name Serial number Charge card number Session start Duration Charge point All charge cards Unknown Available Occupied Unavailable Error Charging Charge points Charge cards No charge points found. Would you like to add a charge point? No charge cards found. Would you like to add a charge card? Show all Showing: All charge points kWh used Charge sessions Total time occupied Electricity usage (kWh) Number of charge sessions Update Charge sessions on 3rd party chargepoints are only updated on a monthly basis Name Charging address Charge point provider Volume Download as Excel Download as PDF Warning! Due to maintenance we are unable to show your current charge details. Please check back later. Please, set location for the following charge points: Apply Cancel Last 7 Days Last 30 Days This Month Last Month Custom Range from to Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec CO₂ savings (kg) CO₂ savings formula CO₂ savings are calculated as following:
  • Fuel mix: 50% gasoline, 50% diesel
  • Usage: 1 kWh = 5 km
  • Average CO₂ emission of diesel: 160 g/km
  • Average CO₂ emission of gasoline: 173 g/km
Status information Left connector Right connector Occupied by Remote operations actions Reset charge point Stop session Start session When resetting the charge point you will stop all active sessions on the charge point. All vehicles that are connected to the charge point will stop charging. The stopped sessions need to be restarted manually. The reset can take up to 3 minutes. Are you sure that you want to reset the charge point? Reset Cancel When stopping the current session the connected vehicle will stop charging. You will also unlock the cable. Are you sure that you want to stop the current session? Stop Cancel Charge card number Start Cancel Stop Current Session Reset charge point Unknown charge card number Your remote action has been sent. Refresh the status of the charge point to see it in effect (it can take up to a couple of minutes to notice the effect). In case the remote action failed please get in touch with customer service for assistance. There was an error processing the action. Please try again in a few minutes or call customer service to provide assistance. You need a charge card to start a session. Receive e-mail notifications each time an electric vehicle is fully charged but still occupying (one of) your charge points. The notification can be used to inform EV owners that they are currently occupying a chargepoint without actively charging. e-mail notifications Enter a valid e-mail address Please enter a valid email address Disable Enable Error enabling e-mail notifications Error disabling e-mail notifications Error retrieving email notification settings E-mail address that the notifications will be sent to Notification configuration Charge point operator Start Time End Time Electricity usage (Wh) Charge card number Serial number Session ID Page of NewMotion, Keizersgracht 452, 1016 GD Amsterdam, Tel: +31(0)88 010 9500, E-mail:, KvK: 32158064, BTW: NL821197782B01 Name Charge card number(s) Activity for Grand total Subtotal NewMotion charge point usage NewMotion charge card usage Connector status Block the user by entering the users email address below. Edit user profile Activate Disable All Disabled Active Pending New Pending since Name E-mail Phone Edit Delete Please increase the size of your browser window to use Admin functionality The e-mail has been updated successfully The e-mail has been updated successfully. However, since no contact with that number exists in Salesforce, the e-mail has been updated only on myNewMotion The e-mail has been updated successfully. However, there was an error trying to update the account on Salesforce, so the e-mail has been updated only on myNewMotion Unfortunately there was an error updting the e-mail E-mail already registered E-mail is required Please insert a valid e-mail address Send "Account updated" Login Address Admin Registered Confirm Charge card does not exist Charge point does not exist Add new charge card Add new charge point Charge card number Charge point serial number Confirmed Yes No Delete Username already exists E-mail address already exists Account name already exists Account number already in use Charge card number already exists Charge point serial number already exists This field is required Invalid password Maximum value is Sorry, but... E-mail address is already registered Login to your account to activate your existing cards or add a new card Card number is already activated Login below to manage your cards or contact support at Activate your NewMotion charge card By activating a card you will have the option to charge on public charge points and manage your charge data through Already have an account? Please login Don't have a charge card? Request one! Check Enter your details To get started you'll need to provide us with some details Activate card To activate this card you'll need to add some payment details and choose your subscriptions When you do not enter payment details for this card, you can only use your card on your own chargepoints. Charging on public chargepoints is disabled. Charge sessions will be paid from the following bank account Use my standard address Postal code and city Additional subscriptions Congratulations! We've sent an e-mail with login details to %s Your charge card is now active and can be used on all public chargepoints within 24 hours.You can see your charging sessions online on Sorry, but you can only add NewMotion charge cards You should agree with general terms and conditions You should select one of the payment methods You cannot activate Lolo Smart Cards anymore, please send an e-mail to Where do you want to use your charge card? I want to use the charge card only on my own charge point I want to charge on public charge points as well The car you selected is able to use fast charging facilities. We preselected this option for you. If you don't want to use fast charging, please uncheck this checkbox. Please click here to find out more about fast charging. The car you selected is not able to use fast charging facilities. We deselected this option for you. If you want to be able to use fast charging for other cars, please check this checkbox. Please click here to find out more about fast charging. Using fast charging you can charge your battery up to 80% in a short amount of time. Click here to find out if the car of your choice is able to use fast charging facilities. Request the NewMotion charge card Fill in your details and we will send you an activated charge card within 2 business days. We will send you an activated charge card within 2 business days. Minimum %d characters required Maximum %d characters allowed E-mail address is required. Example: Invalid phone number. Example: +31 123456789 Invalid value This field is required Values are not equal Value is not one of the available Value is not of a valid format Minimum value is Maximum value is Invalid IBAN. Example: NL08INGB0000000555 Invalid ZIP code Invalid BIC. Example: DEUTDEFF500 Confirmation password doesn't match Invalid date. Example: 24/08/1991 A number is required. Example: 23 Plug into our EV network Sign up to receive your free card to start charging on our EV network Send me a free card View my charge sessions In your dashboard you can view your charge session data and manage your billing settings Go to my dashboard Activate your card Terms & Conditions Login to view and manage your charge activities NewMotion app See in one overview the real-time availability of charge points and information on their charging speed and charging costs. You can set filters for charging speed, session costs and availability. Download the app now. The charge network of NewMotion is a network of chargepoints and fast chargers for electric vehicles. We facilitate electric mobility through offering effortless access to a wide network, giving you insight into your charging behaviour and making payments simple and easy. SMS-notifications Do you own a NewMotion charge card? Receive free text message notifications for a limited time! Log in, go to the charge card settings page and set it up. Go to current location Search by charge point ID Search by location Start (once) Time (/minute) Volume (/kWh) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Closed This charge point is not (yet) accessible with your NewMotion charge card or app. For more information on accessibility and payment options, see below on this screen or at the charge point location. Available Occupied Unavailable Unknown max. power price per kWh price per minute price per session Pricing details: Access hours: Details: Operator: Serial number: Report a problem Info: Accessibility info: Filter AVAILABILITY Only available charge points POWER By default the map will show all charge points - available, occupied, in error and unknown. Use the toggle to only show available charge points. CONNECTOR TYPE Reset filters (show all) Apply filter By enabling this filter you will only see charge points on which you can charge with NewMotion charge card and the app. Only accessible with a NewMotion card NEW: Map filters Now you can filter the chargepoints by selecting your connector types and more... Domestic Access with NewMotion card Payment bank accounts The accounts you enter here, can be selected as payment accounts for your NewMotion charge cards. Owners of an MTC combicard, XXImo card or Travelcard can leave this section empty. Refund bank accounts The accounts you enter here, can be selected as refund accounts for guest use on your charge point, or as refund accounts for automatic reimbursement by your employer. Charge sessions payment Select the bank account you would like to use to complete the payments for the charge sessions. Enable for public charging A valid bank account is required to charge on public charge points and use automatic reimbursement Direct debit NewMotion will automatically withdraw the costs for charging with your NewMotion charge card from the selected bank account every month. Charge point serial number Depending on the type of charge point, the serial number will be either on the side or the bottom of the charge point. The serial number consists of 8 digits or a combination of letters and numbers starting with ICU. Publish charge point The location of your charge point can be shown in NewMotion app, and on public websites. This way, other electric drivers can easily find your charge point and see whether it is available for charging. Guest use reimbursement If you would like to share your charge point, you can choose to offer free charging or to receive a fee. If you want to receive a fee for guest usage, please fill in the tariff below. Also, fill in the bank account number which NewMotion should use to reimburse you. We will do this on a monthly basis.
Please note that we use €/kWh, so for example 0,2200. The maximum tariff is 0,2500 including 21% VAT.
Electricity tariff We have set up the most common rate (0,15 €/kWh). If you are charged a different rate, you can adjust the amount. You’ll find your rate either on your electricity bill or by contacting your energy company. Add other charge cards Are you a lease driver? Enter the number of the charge card that you received from your leasing company here and set it to “automatic reimbursement”. Are you not a lease driver, but do you use your car for business? Enter the number of the charge card connected to a corporate account here and set it to “automatic reimbursement”. Are you using your electric car privately? Enter the number of your charge card here and set it to “no reimbursement”. Development Currently we're working on expanding the range of charge points and charge cards supporting this additional service. Charging started You will receive a notification when the charge session has started Cable disconnected You will receive a notification when the charge cable disconnected unexpectedly Warning! Notification Service is temporarily unavailable Please select at least one notification type to enable it Paid guest usage To enable Paid guest usage you need to supply the location of the charge point. To do so, double click on the map on the right to drop a marker. Drag the marker to the exact location of the charge point. Location of the charge point When someone charges at your charge point, this is the location they will find on their charge card usage bill. Furthermore, when you decide to publish your charge point location we'll publish this location to NewMotion app, and public maps of charge points.

Double-click on the map to drop the marker.
Help pages What is allows you to view your charge point and/or charge card statistics. Usage of your charge cards and charge points, electricity use and the duration of charge sessions - it's all here! You can share your charge point(s), with friends and family - or simply with everyone. You can manage charge cards, charge points, bank accounts and change your payment and refund settings. Welcome to the charge network of NewMotion You can register a new account by pressing the button "Register", or just log into your existing account with your username or e-mail address and password. Shows the charge points and charge cards you own. The 'edit' icon allows you to rename a charge point so that it is easier for you to identify them when you have multiple charge points. The status of your charge point is displayed in multi-color icons. Charge points and charge cards are managed in the settings page. After submitting the charge point(s) and charge card(s), an administrator will review them within 24 hours and make the required changes to your account. Don't have a charge point or charge card yet? More about the NewMotion charge points More about the charge card Charge sessions This part displays the result from the selection of charge points or charge cards in the table on the left. Note that "Duration" of the session is the total amount of time that your electric car was connected to the charge points, not necessarily the time spent charging. Detailed information and excel download Quick summary of all charge points / charge cards or those you currently have selected: electricity used, number of charge sessions and the total time of charge point occupation. The "Show all" button clears any selection you might have made. With the "Download Excel" button you can download a report for the selected charge point or charge card over a selected time period as an excel document. Time span selection Select the start and end date to select a period of time for which you would like to see your charge sessions. This selection applies to everything on the dashboard. The period is the last month by default. The description below provides a general overview of the help pages. To get more information about specific fields in the settings pages, simply move your mouse over the 'i' buttons next to the respective fields. The 'i' buttons give a more elaborate explanation. Here you can manage your personal details. You can also set a new password or change your interface language. Your bank accounts are managed here. Please note that there are two types of accounts: payment and refund. A payment account is related to your charge cards: your charge sessions are billed and direct debit takes place once a month. Refund accounts can be connected to your charge points in the charge points page. If you want to be compensated for guest use, you will be reimbursed to the refund account of your choice. Enter your charge card number and related account number. The type will be automatically detected by the system. Payment can be done by a payment bank account you specify, or by Multi Tank Card, XXImo or Travelcard. To add a charge point, click the button 'New charge point' and fill in the serial number. Depending on the type of charge point, the serial number will be either on the side or the bottom of the charge point. The serial number consists of 8 digits or a combination of letters and numbers starting with ICU. You can give the new charge point a name too. New charge points are shared for guest use by default. 'Publishing' means it is allowed to be listed on public websites. In case your company or employer pays for use of this charge point, specify your electricity tariff for reimbursement. You must agree to specify your actual tariff. If you want to be refunded for guest use, simply tick the 'Paid' box and specify the tariff you want to receive for guest use. You can make exceptions and allow certain charge cards to use the charge point for free. Please note that there is a maximum tariff you can ask. In any case, you will need to specify a refund bank account. See 'bank accounts' for more info. Click on the button to purchase or extend the Plus subscription. Fill in your details to take advantage of all the benefits of an online chargepoint. Your Plus subscription is ending soon. Click here to purchase or extend the Plus subscription for this chargepoint. Fill in your payment account details Payment account for your Plus subscription Select the bank account for your Plus subscription payment. Confirm Please choose a bank account Congratulations, you have successfully purchased your Plus subscription! Please check or update your chargepoint settings below. Happy charging! Do you want to continue using all the advantages of an online charge point? Click on the button to purchase or extend the Plus subscription for your chargepoint(s). Go to the Plus subscription page Dear Customer, There is currently a vehicle that is done charging but still plugged in and hence occupying the chargepoint. Contact the owner to move the vehicle in order to free up the chargepoint for another driver to use. CHARGE POINT: Charge point serial number: Charge point status: Time of status change: Occupied by a vehicle that is not charging OCCUPIED BY: Charge card serial number: Kind regards, NewMotion You are receiving this message because you are signed up for charge point status notifications. In order to stop receiving messages like this go to your dashboard and click the envelope icon in the chargepoints table. If you have problems accessing your account or somebody else signed you up call us on +442038681036 Currently it is You can set a new price from Your personal settings are not accessible at the moment it will be activated/canceled on saving the screen Thanks for creating an account. We have sent you an email with further instructions on how to activate your account. Please, check your mailbox. This is the dashboard of Newsletter Want to stay on top of all news concerning EV driving and NewMotion? Electricity usage (kWh) & Number of charge sessions System update Because we are always looking for ways to improve our services, we have updated our system since the last time you logged in to your account. Therefore, we would like to ask you if you would please check if the right charge points and charge passes are shown in your my.thenewmotion account. If these are not correct, please contact us via 088 01 09 500 or via Charge card activated Thank you! Your charge card is activated and can now be used at your own chargepoint and most public charge points. Don't forget to download the NewMotion app to find charge points on the go! * For some public charge point providers it can take up to 24 hours to process your charge card. Close Your subscription payment account If you are using an MTC combicard, XXImo card or Travelcard the payment bank account is already setup for you and therefore will not be visible here. Postal code Number Street name Your Plus subscription is prepaid! This charge point is already connected to your account. View Dashboard finished will finish prepaid until End of Plus subscription has been requested. Please save the page to confirm. We've failed to activate your profile. Try again later. Charging speed regulation Activation link has expired. Unfortunately, the requested link has expired.
We have sent you an email with further instructions on how to activate your account. Please, check your mailbox.